Monday, 23 September 2013

First day on site

The team had a fantastic first day today.This morning they travelled the short distance to Mwambo Soweto, the self-help community group who have been partnered with the SWMP volunteers to build their dam together.

The group received an incredibly warm welcome from the community, who have not yet worked with a 'Mzungu' team and are looking forward to sharing the experience with them.

The team then moved on to visit the Malaika community where the sand dam that SWMP volunteers funded and built in 2010 is located. Richard was on the previous team and was amazed by how far it has developed and the amount of water it is now providing.

A short visit to Kimbali School saw a huge crowd of children turn out to see the team and an impromptu chorus of the 'Okey Cokey' and Jim and Ken singing 'Old MacDonald had a farm' - which was very well received!

After lunch back at the compound the team headed out to visit another of ASDF's projects - a fish farm and vegetable garden. Again this helps the group to see the huge impact that the ASDF projects are having on the local communities and how the funds that SWMP are providing will truly make a long-lasting difference.

Tomorrow the hard work starts with the first day of building on site at the dam.

The team introducing themselves to their new work team at the Soweto community sand dam site.

The team at the fish farm project

Ken, Jim and Inspire Leader, Jess...attracting a little bit of interest at Kimbali School!

Berengere and Marylise looking out on Malaika dam

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  1. Glad to see everyone looking so happy - hope it continues when you have completed a few days of hard work! :-)
    Look forward to receiving these updates. Thanks for taking time to keep in touch.