Wednesday, 25 September 2013

More cement

Today was another good day on site,
as the team slowly get used to the more physical labour involved with building a dam- today 70 bags of cement were mixed (with no cement mixers!) 

The team are feeling slightly achey but getting stronger by the day and are getting more and more locals and children involved in the morning and afternoon stretches much to everyone's amusement! 

Photos to follow..

Also a message to reply to Janet: 'Good to hear from you. We are having an amazing time. Dam building going well. We are all safe, well, happy and quite tired. Have not found any piano yet! Keep singing. Ken'

1 comment:

  1. Christos.....!!! Keep up with the good work!
    Mom says: 'Σε σκεφτομαστε και σ'αγαπαμε!' and both Gregory and myself agree with that!
    Φιλακια from Greece! ;)