Saturday, 28 September 2013

Safari and swim..

This update from Inspire Leader, Madoc, just in!

'An early start and drive into Tsavo West National Park. On arrival through the gates we encountered Buffalo, Elephant, Giraffe and Dick Dick. And all sorts of exotic birds including Kingfishers, Hornbills, Weaver Birds and a Fish Eagle.

But the real eye opener was a leopard sat lounging on the ground by a water hole. As we marvelled at this beautiful cat some Impala came cautiously close. The leopard feigned indifference but started to take a sly close interest. 

We watched hungry for something to unfold. An hour later we had our moment when another Impala came from leftfield, blundered into the scene and was chased and killed right in front of our eyes. The leopard then dragged the body up towards a tree so it could drag it up there and eat it undisturbed by other predators.

A dramatic wildlife scene played out right in front of our eyes. The rangers say we were very lucky to have seen this at such close quarters. 

After some lunch thieving monkeys, and a walk around a beautiful lake we moved onto the more sedate Tsavo Inn. We enjoyed the pool and had some early dinner. A great day and a once in a lifetime moment on safari. 

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  1. Hi team! Your weekend sounds incredible - a leopard hunt! David Attenborough eat your heart out! Hope donning your work clothes on Monday morning wasn't too hard! Good luck for the second week of the build.

    Best Wishes

    Debra & the MP Trustees