Thursday, 26 September 2013

Third day...working hard!

Today was the team's 3rd day working on site and they started with the usual exercises. The lovely Lydia joined The group. See picture below. She's 65 and has 8 children and 30 grandchildren. She's looking good on it! 

It was a good days work in the hot sun with numerous water stops. Work included lots of water carrying, shovelling and cement mixing as usual. 

After work the team headed into town for some cold drinks and assistant leader Madoc risked a haircut- with mixed results. He declined on the eyebrow and scalp stripes. 

With a power cut at the accommodation tonight the group are now sitting round some paraffin lights looking forward to a "romantic" meal. Rich has promised to introduce them to a new game called "Empires" and they are all excited about the football game they have planned for after work at a local school tomorrow. 

More photos below!

Christos after a shovelling marathon!

Berengere ..still smiling after a day of cement mixing

Karol takes a quick break in an improvised 'african armchair'


  1. great to see photos and hear things are going well. hope the romantic meal lived up to expectations and hope tomorrow is another good cement-mixing day and not too hot. Well done Team and special big respect to Lydia! Say hi to Andy! Ali. x

  2. Hot sun? What's "sun"? We definitely don't have any of that in Belfast at present. Love reading the daily reports. Keep up the good work.
    Ken - Keith and Ruth send their love (or whatever teenagers send!)

  3. Glad to see the smiles are breaking through the exhaustion. However, are you sure Christos is with you? In this photo, he looks like he's on the beach. Please remind him we are after a sand dam, not a sand castle!

    Best Wishes

    Debra & the MP Trustees