Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Work begins

Today was the first day of 'proper work' at the dam site. The team started the day with some stretching exercises led by Karol with the "Barbara Streisand" soundtrack. The chief and some of the Kenyan builders joined in. A great start. A furious burst of work and enthusiasm ensued with a pause for sweet tea and bread and butter.

Lunch was a welcome relief later on. As was the chilli sauce added to a hot meal prepared on site by the community.

Lots of cement mixing, shovelling and water carrying later we ground to a final halt and a "stretch down" before the group returned back at the ASDF centre for a well deserved cup of tea and shower.

Some quotes from the group:

"Today was hot, sweaty, sweaty and quite sweaty" Karol

"Knackered. When's dinner I want to go to bed". Rich

"Ouch." John

Warm-up stretches with the fundis (skilled workers) and local community

Work begins!

Tea break..

And another..

1 comment:

  1. Hi team!

    Looks like you have made a great start on the sand dam. Those morning and evening exercises look like fun - something to bring back to your offices when you return to work?

    Looking forward to your updates throughout the build period. I've been posting your updates on Yammer to ensure your colleagues in URS are kept up to date with your progress.

    Best wishes

    Debra and the MP Trustees