Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Almost there..

It is almost coming to the end of the team's journey and everyone is still working extremely hard to get the dam finished in time for Friday.The progress and efforts have been incredible despite the sun, aches and pains and endless amount of cement! 

The dam actually looks like a dam now which is very reassuring, just one more full day before the celebrations on Friday, and so everyone is having an early night tonight in preparation.


  1. Almost there! Big respect for the wonderful job you've accomplished there! Enjoy the party and last night there everyone. Special power hug and loving thoughts to 'SB Christos' pusu. Siru

  2. Well done! Such a brilliant job so far, especially working in that heat. Hope the muscles hold out til the last load of cement has gone down! It's an amazing thing to be doing and what a huge difference it will make to that community. Huge well done to all and keep it up! Ali. x

  3. Hi Team. Can't believe you have almost built the MP's second dam after all the months of planning and fundraising. Really looking forward to seeing that photo of you all in MP t-shirts on top of the completed dam!

    Best wishes

    Debra & the MP Trustees

  4. Well done on a wonderful achievement. Enjoy the celebrations - you deserve to. More celebrations in Belfast on Monday....... :-)