Friday, 4 October 2013


Two weeks, 500 bags of cement, hundreds of barrels of sand, thousands of litres of water, small stones, medium stones, large stones and even larger stones, and buckets loads of blood sweat and tears later.... And we are finished! (No blood or tears really but lots of sweat)

Absolutely smashing last day on site ad although we have not completely finished we have reduced the communities work from 3 months to 10 days and everyone is in great spirits! We had a delicious celebratory lunch after a morning finishing off as much as we could and were given beautiful gifts by the community.

Although the aches and pains were felt by all, the team still mustered up enough energy for a re match with the local primary school which... Drum roll please.... We lost. Again. This time 5-1 but still was a fantastic way to end a great trip with the whole Soweto community there to watch, cheer and wave us off.

Back at the compound now having a well deserved feast before our quiz night and slideshow of all the best trip pictures!

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